The UK’s Best Sport Calendar 2016


June 27th to July 10th sees tennis fever grip the nation. People travel from all over the world to watch tennis at Wimbledon and its fame has become legendary. Officially known as “The Lawn Tennis Championships”, it is the only one of the major grand slam tennis tournaments to be played on grass. It is also the longest running and is a major event in the sport of tennis. Win a final at Wimbledon and you are considered to be A1 world-wide. The British pray for sunny days during Wimbledon, and when they happen the strawberries and cream are served and summer is officially here. The build up to this great sporting event is considerable, and everyone, young and old, can get involved by going to the official website.

The Grand National  

The Grand National is the number one jump race in Europe, pitting around 40 horses and jockeys against a total of 17 fences over four miles. It is held annually at Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool, and in 2016 will be run on April 9th. The course is seen as a great challenge because its fences are larger than average and very complex, and for this reason it is considered by many as the ultimate test for horse and rider. The Grand National was first run in 1839, and recent viewing figures suggest that now over 6 million people worldwide watch the event. The Grand National 2016 will no doubt be both as exhilarating and surprising as last years’ race, and should not be missed.

FA Cup Final  

Wembley Stadium, London will be the venue for the 2016 FA Cup Final – the jewel in the crown for UK soccer clubs. Thousands come to watch and millions more gather around TV screens at pubs, clubs and in their homes to watch this great football contest.

British Open  

Officially known as the Open Championship, this golf tournament is referred to as the British Open to differentiate it from the US Open. It first began in the 1860s and is the oldest of the four major world golf tournaments. It will take place at the Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland, from July 14th 2016. Golf has an enormous following in the UK, where some of the best golf courses can be found. If you love golf, this is the tournament for you.

World Track Championships  

Expected to take place during March 2016 in London, the World Track Championships is an annual event for track cycling. It began in 1893 when only amateur cyclists participated. In 1895, separate events were added for professional competitors but since 1993 they are all treated equally.  These are the UK’s top sporting events scheduled for 2016 and if you love sport, be there or make sure you can watch them on your computer or TV.